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Consultancy & Management

Financial Technologies is our game

Brevy is a boutique fintech consultancy group which focuses in strategizing solutions and creating tech for procedural inefficiencies in small business infrastructure.


-Smart fintech solutions

-Alternative data options

-Alpha diversification

-Cybersecurity solutions

-Innovative strategies in crypto markets

About Us


Danny Torres

Managing Director 

Danny is a lover of numbers and patterns. He studied Physics at FIU before transitioning full-time to the entrepreneurial world. Fascinated by the financial markets and innovations, he has gone on to found, advise and consult multiple companies with focuses in finance, investments, and sales. 

Josue Rivera


Josh is a former marine, ex-NSA, went to Georgetown and Harvard. Worked for Sullivan & Cromwell before going on his own and joining our boutique consultancy.

What We Offer

Benoit Brookens

Quant Research

Dr. BigData is an award-winning data scientist and serial entrepreneur. Benoît is the CEO and Co-Founder of the IBM-backed FinTech firm Accrue Inc. One of the earliest participants of M.I.T. Media Lab’s and one of the youngest quantitative traders at a Swiss Bank, Benoît was ahead of the data science industry, leveraging algorithms on data-sets that materialized during the 2000s decade, he has been focused on the democratization of data to compel better decision making. Benoît currently sits on the advisory board of Tradestation Securities Inc. and is noted as one of the United Kingdom’s Trade & Investment 2016 FinTech Delegation.

John Paul Elias

Blockchain Research

JP currently is an executive at ResMan, a property management software company, with revenues of +$100M . John advises on multiple dot com crypto services like which aggregates data feed of over 60+ crypto news with
sentiment analysis. which was the first screener tool for CryptoAsset market. As well as Sentiment labs which uses the reflexive nature of the crypto space to chart sentiment and emotion of the crypto market to gain custom indicators for trading signals and price

Matthew Montano

Serial Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist

Experienced international trader with over $50M in sales. Part of the Bitcoin community since 2010, Matt has been involved in several successful ICO projects (TRX, WAX, Tezos, etc). Has built and designed several mining operations. Helped design and modify ASIC/FPGA mining rigs with several big names most notably ohGodACompany known as Moneority. Well versed with Proof of Work Algos. Built several private mining pools to mine Blake25613R algo. Eventually pushed out by



Deep Industry Knowledge

​We have dedicated research teams that perform deep analysis of each opportunity. We have a strong network of financial partners and institutions with offices all over the world.  

Unparalleled Breakthrough Technology

We have a very large database (VLDB) that we us to build event analytics and machine intelligence technologies.

One of our main products enables us to see hidden relationships and make better, timely, informed decisions in a fraction of the time spent by institutional research teams today. 


We take cybersecurity very seriously and everything we build is secured using bank and military level encryption and protocols. 

Currently Danny Torres serves on the Board of Advisors for Ithaca's College Cybersecurity Program.

Why Us



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10250 SW 56th Street

Miami, FL 33165

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