Rainbow is our hometurf.

Our roots sprout from the Rainbow System Family. Brevy was created by a Rainbow dealer and distributor for the Rainbow dealer and distributor. After experiencing many frustrations within the finance process from making a Rainbow sale, we pinpointed those inefficiencies to make that process the most efficient possible and get to the next demo quicker.

The perfect marriage.

Brevy is a centralized portal that connects with multiple finance companies to provide instant decisions and a fully digitized credit application and contract process.

Our goals with Rainbow are to:

  • Help distributors pocket more money on average by having access to multiple lenders and rates to cover a wider range of clients. When lenders compete, you win.
  • Be the dealer's most efficient and useful finance tool and partner.

The ultimate finance solution aligned with the RBO Program.

Much like the RBO Program eliminates paperwork and simplifies the Total Program, Brevy is a tool that eliminates paperwork to simplify the cumbersome time consuming financed sale process. Easily integrate Brevy into your sales flow with simple training for dealers. 

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Brevy is independently operated and not affiliated with Rexair, LLC.